Condition Monitoring Program

Condition Monitoring Program

Jan 28, 2021

What is a condition monitoring program?

Predictive Maintenance (proactive condition monitoring):

Predictive maintenance includes several non-destructive technologies such as vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasonics, and oil analysis. These tests can most often be performed without taking the unit out of service.

Through trending an analysis of collected data, a technician can determine not only if the machine has a problem, but can also help estimate the time to failure and determine the root cause of the issue.

Once a time to failure is estimated, replacement parts can be sourced and procured before any equipment fails. It also allows maintenance to be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for production and personnel.

Furthermore, catastrophic failures almost never occur on machines included in a good predictive maintenance program.

What is the alternative? 

Run to failure.
Running to failure is the oldest philosophy and requires the least amount of expense until a problem actually occurs. This type of maintenance can only be justified if:

  1. The machine has no importance to continuing production.
  2. All machine parts are readily available and inexpensive.
  3. Scheduling downtime for maintenance may occur at any time. 

Rarely does a machine meet all of these criteria.
Another major drawback of this type of maintenance plan is that a catastrophic failure cannot be

predicted. A catastrophic failure could be dangerous. Repairs may be lengthy, expensive, or impossible.

What can we do?

Contact Us! Put Beaver Electrical's team to work protecting your critical machinery from unexpected downtime.

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Example data of a dataset comparing motor running conditions before and after balancing and repair.

Example meta-report of a facility-wide condition monitoring program. 
Reporting draws attention to equipment requiring attention.