AC Motor Rewind & Service

Beaver Electrical provides preventative, predictive, and reliability based maintenance, repair, and rewind for electric motors and generators.

Electric motor with Winding grounded in the slot.

We can repair or rewind all types of electric motors. Common types of issues we can help with:

  • Shorted windings
  • Single phased
  • Phase damage due to unbalanced voltage
  • Winding damaged due to overload or voltage surge
  • Bearing replacement
  • Mechanical damage or corrosion

Beaver can help perform any of these repairs at our ANSI/EASA AR100 Accredited Service Centres. In addition, for over 20 years, our Burnaby shop has CSA Hazardous Location certification for servicing the motors designed for hazardous environments. 

Our two locations in British Columbia, repair and rewind electric motors, transformers, generators, magnetic coils, and other industrial electro-mechanical apparatus.

Electric motor efficiency can be maintained during repair and rewind by following defined good practices. We are members of the Green Motors Practises Group and adhere to strict standards which maintain motor efficient, and may qualify your rewind for rebates.

Three phase electric motor being rewound with insulation between each coil

Why choose our shops? When you choose to work with our accredited repair shops, you're choosing to:

  • affirm your commitment to service excellence.
  • assure work is independently verifiable and auditable. 
  • ensure the most consistent procedures and processes are followed.
  • demonstrate that you wish to maintain efficiency and reliability.
  • enhance the productivity of your equipment by reducing repetitive repairs.

We serve all of Western Canada including Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Alberta, Yukon, and beyond.