Dynamic Balancing

Beaver offers services designed to meet all your balancing needs. We can accommodate wide range of equipment up to 50 tons. Our knowledge of precision balancing allows us to conform to the ISO 21940-11:2016 industry standard. We utilise a large variety of specialised equipment including the latest model IRD 295+ Balancing Instrument.

Schenck H8OUBIRD B150
Schenck H8OUB in our Nanoose Bay shop IRD B150 in our Burnaby shop
In Our Nanoose Bay Shop In Our Burnaby Shop


Capabilities Of The Equipment In Our Facilities Specifications of our balancing stands
Make / ModelBeaver shopMax.cap lb/kgMin.cap lb/kgMax. LengthMax Dia.Speed (RPM)
Schenck H8OUB Nanoose Bay 100,000/45,359 400/181 324/822 120/305 120-4000
Dyna-Bal D100 Nanoose Bay 10,000/4,536 10/4.5 480/1220 72/183 150-1500
IRD B150 Burnaby 15,000/6,803 100/45 120/305 96/244 100-1500
SBE BAL-75 Burnaby 75/34 5/2.3 36/91 24/61 100-1500