Our History

Beaver Electrical Machinery was established in Burnaby in 1955 as a transformer rewind facility. In the ensuing years, Beaver Electrical has maintained the focus on transformers and added a wide variety of other electrical sales and service offerings (motors, generators, switchgear, etc.) . The head office and main plant are located in Burnaby and include the Sales Team, Rewind and Repair Shop, and the Field Service office. A small sales team as well as a full featured, and recently renovated and expanded, motor service center serve Vancouver Island from Nanoose Bay.

Beaver provides the most complete service available in BC for power distribution testing and repairs and power distribution products. In addition to keeping one of the largest inventories of distribution transformers in Canada (customers are often surprised by our stock instead of having to wait for orders to arrive, we generally have whatever is needed on hand), Beaver Electrical can source and supply nearly any type of new and used distribution equipment.

Our field service personnel are experts in testing and calibration of equipment as well as diagnosis of equipment problems. They are backed up by engineering staff and fully equipped repair facilities that serve the BC mainland as well as Vancouver Island. From troubleshooting power disturbances to designing complete electrical distribution systems, the engineers are able to draw on Beaver's more than 60 years of experience in the electrical service business.

From office buildings with large computer and lighting loads to industrial plants with sophisticated electronic and computer based process control, poor power quality can cause many unpredictable and potentially disastrous situations. Beaver Electrical specializes in the diagnosis, analysis, and correction of power quality problems. Our service technicians and engineering staff have hundreds of combined years of experience helping our commercial and industrial customers keep their plants running efficiently.

The success of Beaver Electrical is in part evident by the fact that it celebrates over 60 years of service.  Our success is not simply measured in length, but is more importantly measured by our loyal customer base.

Beaver Electrical offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are well known as problem solvers, and have secured our niche in this market. There is a strong sense of Loyalty at Beaver. In fact, many of our staff nearing retirement have been with us since they finished school. We are proud of the relationships we have formed between our staff, our customers, and industry in BC as a whole.

Beaver's Burnaby shop in the 80's