Assembly of an 8 MVA Substation

Posted by Jacek Laszkiewicz on Apr 22, 2024

Successful Completion of Another Major Project: Custom designed 8 MVA Substation

Beaver Electrical recently completed delivery of a 8 MVA, 25 kV unit substation designed for client in BC's natural resource sector located on the Sunshine Coast. This substation project fully leveraged Beaver Electrical's vertically integrated supply chain for both materials and services (design and manufacturing). 

Project Involvement:

  • Requirement planning
    • Evaluating the issues and tailoring solution to meet client needs.
  • Conceptual Design
    • Laying the groundwork for a functional and efficient design.
  • Final Design and approval
    • Completed by Beaver's in house engineering and drafting team.
  • Fabrication and assembly
    • Beaver uses both in-house capabilities, as well as trusted industry partners working to Beaver standards, for multi-faceted projects of this type. 
  • Testing & Certification
    • Projects of this magnitude follow both Beaver's in-house quality assurance program, as well as independent verification and approval by a CSA approved inspection agency. 
  • Supply
    • Packaging, and coordinating transport to the final installation site.

Key Equipment:

  • Dry-Type Transformer
    • 5 MVA
    • 24940V Δ (25 kV Delta) Primary
    • 4160 Y / 2400 V Secondary
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    • 27 kV - 600A - 3 Pole
  • Dry-Type Transformer 
    • 3 MVA 
    • 24940V Δ (25 kV Delta) Primary 
    • 480 Y /277 V Secondary
  • Fused Load Break Disconnect Switch
    • 27 kV, 600A 
    • 100 A E-Rated fuses

This entire unit, weighing in at 48,900 lbs, was transported on a low bed trailer and onto a barge for the final leg of its journey to the customer's site. This job would not have been possible without our vertically integrated supply chain, as well as our shop's 44,000 KG crane lift capacity. 

We are proud of our team's hard work and dedication to a complicated project. This delivery reaffirms our capacity to handle substantial and technically demanding projects. For more information about our projects and capabilities, please read about other manufacturing projects or contact us directly

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