550 KVAR Semi Automatic Capacitor

Posted by Jacek Laszkiewicz on Mar 05, 2024

Beaver Electrical's manufacturing department recently completed a specialized build of a semi-automatic 550kVAR, 600V Power Factor Correction Unit for an industrial manufacturing plant in Ontario.

This capacitor bank allows the controller to automatically switch steps, or have a technician manually add or remove capacitor cells.

This unit also featured a wireless BACNET connection to the rest of the facility.

Poor power factor at your site can cause voltage fluctuations and power quality issues. Low power factor also limits the capacity of utility lines to deliver energy to you and to other customers. Utilities frequently assess surcharges to sites with low power factor. To counteract these effects, you may need to install capacitors on your system to use utility lines efficiently.

550kVAR Unit Image 1 550kVAR Unit Image 3 550kVAR Unit Image 2

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