VLF Insulation testing with a HVDA 45TD

Posted by Jacek Laszkiewicz on Jul 03, 2023

Enhancing Electrical Infrastructure with Expert VLF Testing Services

Our team specializes in using the HVDA 45TD, a premier electrical testing device leveraging Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology. This advanced tool allows us to thoroughly assess the health of your electrical equipment—including cables, vacuum bottles, motors, generators, transformers, and more—ensuring reliability and safety across your electrical infrastructure.

HVDA 45TD in action

Why Trust Our VLF Testing Services?

With capabilities for testing at any stage of your cable system's lifecycle, from installation and routine maintenance to post-repair, our services ensure maximum safety for both personnel and equipment. The HVDA 45TD's innovative design minimizes risk, thanks to its dual grounding and protective feedback system, making it a safe choice for comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

Service Highlights

  • Extensive range with high voltage output up to 45 kVpeak and a test capacity of 10uF, capable of handling almost any load or cable
  • Integrated Tan Delta measurement, eliminating the need for separate instruments
  • Compliance with global testing standards such as IEEE, IEC, and CENELEC for unmatched reliability
  • Portability and rugged design for on-site testing in various conditions
  • Intuitive 4.3" color display with both manual and automatic test functionalities

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

  • VLF Withstand, Tan Delta, Partial Discharge, and Insulation Testing for a complete evaluation of your electrical system's health

Superior to Traditional Methods

Traditional DC HiPOT testing can compromise the integrity of modern cables and equipment. Our VLF testing method, employed through the HVDA 45TD, not only ensures a more efficient and precise diagnosis but also contributes to the longevity of your electrical infrastructure by avoiding damage.

Choose Us for Your Electrical Testing Needs

The HVDA 45TD, with its state-of-the-art VLF technology and comprehensive testing capabilities, represents the future of electrical testing. By choosing our services, you benefit from an advanced approach that ensures the safety, efficiency, and durability of your electrical systems.

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