Mastering Motor Health with BAKER AWAIV-12kV

Posted by Jacek Laszkiewicz on Jun 19, 2023

When it comes to motor health, precision and consistency are paramount. At Beaver Electrical, we understand this truth and deliver top-tier services using the BAKER AWAIV-12kV static winding analyzer, a device designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of your motor's health.

A Comprehensive Overview of Motor Health

The BAKER AWAIV-12kV, part of our service offering, offers a robust analysis of insulation systems in motors and generators, as well as motor circuit condition assessments such as imbalances. Our expert technicians leverage its diverse testing capabilities, which include winding resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric analysis (DA), polarization index (PI), DC step-voltage, DC continuous ramped, DC hipot, and surge tests. The result? A comprehensive understanding of turn-to-turn, phase-to-phase, and ground-wall insulation conditions.

Automated, Reliable, and Fast Testing

With the BAKER AWAIV-12kV, Beaver Electrical brings you automated, fast, and reliable testing of your motors. Its embedded computer system conducts the tests, stores the results, and monitors voltage levels throughout the testing process. If any weakness in insulation is detected during a test, the operation is instantly halted and the technician alerted, providing a level of safety and precision that far exceeds manual methods.

Pre-Programmed Testing for Efficiency and Consistency

We're all about making your life easier. That's why we pre-program the BAKER AWAIV-12kV based on your specific testing needs before it's even in the field. Our technicians can tailor the testing sequences, parameters, voltages, duration, and pass-fail limits according to your work orders or routes. This pre-programming not only saves time in the field but also significantly enhances the reliability of the testing process.

A Wealth of Test Data at Your Fingertips

Data is at the heart of our services. Once the testing is completed, the results are saved and form part of each motor's permanent test record. This critical documentation can be easily recalled and analyzed over time thanks to the BAKER AWAIV-12kV's compatibility with the standard Microsoft Access® relational database format. And worry not, all these test data files can be accessed and processed using various word processing software.

Advanced Inter-Turn Capabilities for In-depth Analysis

In our quest to provide you with the most thorough analysis possible, we utilize the BAKER AWAIV-12kV's advanced inter-turn capabilities. During testing, each pulse applied to the motor winding is digitized, and the resultant waveform is compared to previous waveforms to detect any signs of turn-to-turn weaknesses. This unique method can identify variances of less than one percent, offering an unparalleled level of precision in motor health analysis.

Data Storage and Reporting Capabilities

Beyond the testing phase, our service extends to robust data management and reporting. Test results can be saved, stored, and retrieved for comprehensive analysis and reporting. We present these results alongside historical data to help identify and monitor trends with your motor's condition. These reports can be incredibly valuable for maintenance record-keeping, customer warranty information, or managing insurance records.

Augmented Testing Capabilities for Large Motors

Our services cater to motors of all sizes. For large motors, we enhance the capabilities of the BAKER AWAIV-12kV by coupling it with a power pack. This increases the output voltage to up to 30,000 volts, allowing for comprehensive testing of high-voltage windings.

Tailored Testing for Low-Impedance Coils

We understand that every motor has unique testing requirements. For low-impedance coils, we employ the Baker ZTX bar.