Oil Treatment

Dielectric Oil Testing, Treatment, and Oil Filled Transformer Repairs

Beaver Electrical offers a complete suite of repair for oil filled ONAN, ONAF and OFAF power transformers. As a part of a complete Condition Monitoring Program, Beaver Electricals' technicians can perform a complete suite of oil filled transformer oil repair and maintenance activities, including transformer oil sampling. We test to NETA standards. Based out of Greater Vancouver, we are capable of servicing British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and beyond!

Technicians based out of our Burnaby location can assist with:

  • Oil Sampling
  • Oil Testing (dielectric)
  • Oil Reclamation
  • Oil Replacement
  • Oil Retrofilling
  • PCB Handling
  • Bushing Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Tap-Changer Repair
  • Cooling Fan Repair
  • Lightning Arrestor Installation and Replacement
  • Brownell Envirogel (Silica Gel) Breather Replacement

Our two feature pieces of oil handling equipment:

Thermo-Vac Oil-PurifierThermo-Vac Oil-Purifier for lube oil and hydraulic fluid applications

Has a processing flow rate up to 3,406 l/h and it is ideal for lube oil and hydraulic fluid applications where reservoir sizes range from 378 to 7,570 litres. This unit is a compact and economical package for the transformers up to 10 MVA. 

Oil Purification mitigates unplanned downtime and enhance the reliability and service life of critical assets.

Beaver's Thermo-Vac rapidly removes free, emulsified, and dissolved water, dissolved gases and particulates from lube oil and hydraulic fluid. These oil purification systems feature Absolute rated (BETA 1000 per ISO 16889 3um, 6um, 12um, and 25um) filters both upstream and downstream of the vacuum dehydration process. It can reach and maintain dryness levels to less than 20 PPM and ISO cleanliness codes of 16/14/10 or better.


E865A Vacuum Oil-Purifier E865A Vacuum Oil-Purifier to process and maximize dielectric strength in electrical insulating liquids used in transformers

The E865A Vacuum Oil-Purifier is designed to process and maximize dielectric strength in electrical insulating liquids used in transformers, tap changers, circuit breakers, and other oil-filled electrical devices. With the system flow rate 2,271 l/h VOP is mainly used on transformers up to 10 MVA.